The aim is to get funded, fully trained holistic practitioners into wards, care homes and the local community.

We believe this can benefit the local area by:

  • Using fully trained professional people who need part-time work, to work on the wards or in the community, assisting the full- time staff.
  • Bringing back the dignity and respect to patients and people who find it hard to do many easy tasks.
  • Training and providing education in Complementary therapies ie. Reiki to the nationally accepted standards.

My Mother was one of those people who needed help, cared for at home and in hospital, she received many complementary therapies to help support her body in the healing process. These therapies not only helped support her physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Our vision is that many people will be able to access these complementary therapies throughout their life, however particularly during times of life crisis.

Suzanne Cambray

Founder of Journey to the Heart and Soul CIC