Mission Statement:

The vision of Journey to the Heart and Soul (JHS) is for the development of communities connecting together through Community projects, enabling access via Social media, Webinars and Reiki workshops. Special attention is to focused upon balance and alignment in the mind, body and spirit, and to maintain a state of well-being through holistic therapies.

JHS mission is to help serve people and animals in life crisis and provide life improving moral education, while maintaining it’s profit making Community Interest Company (CIC) status so that 100% of those profits can be donated to worthwhile charities.

JHS Reiki teaching workshops and certifications,  are recognized by three governing bodies, to be of a high standard. Our course advice, strategic assistance methods used throughout the workshops, take proper account of ethical and health and safety considerations, together with the protection and enhancement of the moral positions of it’s clients

Suzanne Cambray

Founder of Journey to the Heart and Soul CIC

Our Accreditations:

We are accredited by The Confederation of Healing Organisations. You can find more information about them at https://the-cho.org.uk/

We are also accredited by The Complementary Medical Assocation. You can find more information about them at https://www.the-cma.org.uk/