Raising Consciousness Event – JHS High Vibe Support

Date(s) - 05/04/2020
7:00 pm - 7:55 pm


Suzanne Cambray – Founder of Journey to the Heart and Soul will open this evening, talk about JHS (CIC) and collaboration with Marina. Introduction to Gustavo Cardoso.
Gustavo Cardoso -– Breathing Techniques to Change State of Consciousness 20 min session
Marina Duskov – Will facilitate Emotional Release 10 min
Yvonne Hutchins – Leads a distant healing for the world, planet and all those mentioned in the 10 minute zoom chat

End of evening where to find support, next event, sign up for newsletter. Explain support groups.

Access  link again is – Online – https://zoom.us/join   Meeting ID number 6399189358