Raising Consciousness Free Online Event – JHS High Vibe Support

Date(s) - 29/03/2020
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


7.30pm – Evening commences.

Suzanne Cambray – Founder of Journey to the Heart and Soul will open this evening, talk about JHS (CIC) and collaboration with Marina. Introduction to Heather Parker.

Heather Parker – Sound vibration 20 min session

Marina Duskov – Will facilitate Emotional Release 10 min

Yvonne Hutching – Leads distant healing for the wold, planet and anyone mentioned in the zoom chat 10 min

End of evening where to find support, next event, sign up for newsletter. Explain support groups.
Access this evening by using this link –
We look forward in welcoming you!

Suzanne Cambray

Founder of Journey to the Heart and Soul CIC – Reiki Master and Nutritionist

Heather Parker

I began my interest in music years ago back in school with various performances in choirs, stage shows and amateur dramatics. I then progressed to Hope University and joined the Musical society where we performed a production of Chess at the Liverpool playhouse. After college, I went to working in an office environment and it gave me the chance to grow and marry my lovely husband, Mark. However, I was restless and my love for music and sound has not wavered. I had a chance meeting with a trainee Sound Healer who was doing Simon Heather’s training course to be a healer with the College of Sound Healing. I volunteered to have some sessions and the effect on me was incredible. I felt an amazing sense of lightness come over me. I felt tension come away from my body and I knew this work was something I wanted to learn more about. I decided that I would enrol on the training course and here we are some 13 years later and I absolutely love what I do!
I added to my skill set in 2009 with Soul Retrieval training & Reiki Drumming came a little later. I also do assemblage point alignment healing & use energy healing which I channel with the help of spirit elders.
I am part of a group called Padimi Healing sounds & we offer seasonal Sound baths locally around Reading. I run a monthly drumming session in Newbury.
Now really pleased to also be working alongside Catherine as Women of Sacred Sound who perform Gong & Sound Baths.
Namaste, Heather Xx

Marina Duskov

Marina Duskov is an Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant. Empowering you to live by your true, soul nature with heart’s intelligence. In order to access your intuitive wisdom, clarity of your emotional honesty and ability to deal with all our feelings by using the emotional release as a natural point of choice could be empowering.
What is Emotional Release? It is a natural process of letting go of unwanted, suppressed and painful feelings in the moment. This supports subconscious emotional patterns to unravel and be harmonised and balanced. Based on The Sedona Method with Hale Dwoskin. More details you can read in my blog tab on my website and here https://www.marinaduskov.com/1-2-1-sessions/

Yvonne Hutchins

Yvonne Hutchins has a natural gift for intuitive, empathic healing. She is a Reiki Master and is covered under the CMA, the CHO and the GRCCT. She has been working as a channel for healing for 30 years. Yvonne also works with nutrition and botanicals to help people on their journey to wellness. Yvonne has observed the body to be extremely intelligent and how – given the right support – it will endeavour to heal itself.

I work with you to transform your life naturally by connecting mind, body and spirit, and working with holistic and botanical/vegan products.

Distant Healing this evening – This will be a oneness of healing from the heart, for healers and non-healers, to come together and send a collective energy where it is needed at this time.