Recommended Practitioners

At JHS, We have practitioners that we work with and would highly recommend. Please see our list of recommended practitioners below.

Marina Duskov

Marina Duskov is an Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant. Empowering you to live by your true, soul nature with heart’s intelligence. In order to access your intuitive wisdom, clarity of your emotional honesty and ability to deal with all our feelings by using the emotional release as a natural point of choice could be empowering.

Yvonne Hutchins

Yvonne Hutchins has a natural gift for intuitive, empathic healing. She is a Reiki Master and is covered under the CMA, the CHO and the GRCCT. She has been working as a channel for healing for 30 years. Yvonne also works with nutrition and botanicals to help people on their journey to wellness. Yvonne has observed the body to be extremely intelligent and how – given the right support – it will endeavour to heal itself.

I work with you to transform your life naturally by connecting mind, body and spirit, and working with holistic and botanical/vegan products.