Reiki Courses

Reiki 1

You will receive four attunements which will increase the energy flow through the body. You will learn about the energy system of the body, the history of Reiki and how to give and receive a Reiki treatment.

Meditation, breathing techniques & relaxation exercises will be included to keep you refreshed and focused throughout the weekend.

Reiki 2

Your journey continues into the second weekend, where you will receive further attunements which will again increase the energy flow making your treatment of yourself and others more powerful. You will be shown how to send healing to people who cannot be with you.

This second weekend sets you on the road to becoming a Reiki practitioner should you wish to do so. Once again meditation, breathing techniques and relaxation will further assist you on your journey to discover lasting peace, harmony and happiness.

Reiki 3

This level is about finding out who you really are. It is about self-mastery and personal development, preparing the way to become a teacher of Reiki. We need to be able to fully accept ourselves and deal with our own issues before we endeavour to help others. With a further attunement, the Reiki energy becomes even more powerful resulting in more opportunity for positive life change and healing. You will work closely with a Master to gain confidence and knowledge and to take you further on your journey of personal and spiritual development.

Reiki Teachers

Following your Reiki Master Teacher attunements you will really begin the journey in which you have learned to connect with higher levels of Reiki energy. For many, becoming a Reiki Master Teacher is a life changing experience. This does not mean your life will suddenly be free from all challenges and obstacles. You will however, be empowered with the ability to heal old habits and make changes that will open your life to new depths. You will also be inspired to pass the Reiki attunements on to others.

Our Accreditations:

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