Sustainable Hospital Staff Self-Care

‘Sustainable Hospital Staff Self-Care’ – Community Project Application

JHS CIC has submitted a Grant application with the Matthew Good Foundation through Wokingham Borough Council (All applications to be received by 15th June 2022)

Marina Duskov is our project manager, working closely with Suzanne Cambray the director and founder of JHS CIC to deliver this project with the team of JHS Practitioners-Associates.

Why this project – What we believe?

We believe it isn’t sustainable for healthcare staff to constantly work beyond their limit.

Providing consistent well-being support for health-care staff and to have breaks for destressing-relaxing-balancing is essential for a healthy work-life balance. 

As a result, the health-care staff can find their purpose again and allow nurturing self-care for themselves as well as others, both emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

How would we feel if we get this community grant?

We would feel honoured and privileged to give back to the dedicated Hospital staff who have given of themselves tirelessly throughout the pandemic. We are in critical time when they need our help.

The pattern of over giving and being under nurtured isn’t consistent with a healthy life.  More respect and responsibility for individual health is essential and health-care staff need to be the example for themselves and their patients.

Photo by Gabriele Swift Photography